So I (unfortunately) found this site http://www.trustmymechanic.com/auto-repair/3678/online-auto-repair-manuals/ which says that ALLDATADIY.com is a GREAT site for car repair, even if you're an novice, which I am. I signed up and am VERY DISAPPOINTED in this service.

NOT INTUITIVE to find what I was looking for, and then when I finally DID find it, the instructions were NOT HELPFUL. Definitely NOT for a novice.

I've since found Chilton and Haynes repair manuals at my library and these are definitely better...though they're not really for novices either. I'm trying to get my money back from ALLDATA right now because I feel like that link above was probably someone being paid to advertise for them and it was FALSE (well, at least the part that mattered to me was false - that it was for novices and easy to use).

Monetary Loss: $29.

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I have used alldatadiy for years. Yes, navigating the site can be a little difficult if you don't know what you're looking for.

It's saved me countless hours diagnosing and repairing cars. While I don't know what type of vehicle you were working on I'm sure the Alldata subscription would have worked for you if you had a better understanding of how things work in automobiles and trucks. You admitted you are a novice. Alldata is meant for a clientele that has a good understanding of how things work.

I have showed customers wiring diagrams of their vehicles and tried to explain what their problem was but most don't know how to read a schematic. You might want to take a few automotive repair classes.

Then the data on the site would probably make more sense to you.

to Anonymous #1628831

Great comment!! There database is basically set as SAE.

In other words...there are basic SYSTEMS of an Automobile and the respective Components that make up the system is where the components would be found. This is a standard for the industry and there system.

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